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We are pleased to introduce itself as a leading manufacturer of water treatment plant and a leader in water treatment solutions for every need from households to industries. We have set providing customized solution at the most affordable price as our objective and the objective is achieved with the help of technology.

Recycling and Reuse of the existing water & wastewater is extremely important to protect our precious resources for domestic, agriculture, commercial and industries. We have vast experience on recycle/reuse projects and attaining a zero discharge from the municipal and industrial wastewater. Treated water can meet a number of needs, particularly non-domestic ones such as irrigation, the replacement of drinking water for industrial uses and the injection and storage of water into underground aquifers after additional treatment.

Water treatment is posing new challenges every day due to contamination of natural sources that are ground water reservoirs, rivers and ponds. Even sea water isn’t safe from pollutants. Water is a precious liquid and potable water is become scarce every day. Drinking water treatment plant that can clean the water from everything including the microorganisms that can’t be detected by regular treatment is the only hope.

Infinite Engineering is one of the few water treatment plant manufacturers that have the technology, talent and resources needed to install fully functional plants for treating contaminated water. Installing a water processing plant needs complete study of the area where plant is to be installed. Experienced engineers and technicians are involved in plant installation and making it fully functional.

Our Effluent Recycling plant became boon during summer season, when water supply reduced by Water Management authority. We applied our expertise to extract the full value from wastewater. We help our clients generate reusable water and maximum utilization of it. We provide efficient solutions to reduce ecological impact by implementing wastewater treatment technologies that meet the stringiest regulation for pollution control.

We develop technologies for safe, environmentally compliant day-to-day sewage treatment & Industrial effluent Treatment plant operations, whatever the size.Our solutions contribute to customized, efficient and cost-effective solutions covering the complete wastewater treatment cycle. Our Effluent recycling scheme synchronize the best available technology to customize the plant for available contaminated water resource, sewage water or effluent or combination of all.


  • Waste Water Treatment Plants.

  • Effluent Treatment Plants.

  • Sewage Treatment Plants.

  • Membrane Bio-Filter.

  • D.M. Plants.

  • Softening Plants.

  • R.O. Plants (Industrial & Domestic RO).

  • Sludge filter press.

  • Micron cartridge Filter.

  • Water Treatment Plants.

  • Lamella Clarifier with Tube Settlers.

  • Filter Press.

Our Products & Services

  • Effluent treatment and recycling plants

    Effluent treatment and recycling plants

    Effluent water treatment is a cleaning process for treating domestic and industrial wastewater. It involves physical and chemical cleaning and the results achieved are 100%. No traces of contaminat...

  • Water softening plant

    Water softening plant

    Infinite Engineeringis recognized as the prominent manufacturer and supplier of a wide collection of DM Plant which finds its application in various industries to remove mineral salts from water th...

  • Sewage treatment plant

    Sewage treatment plant

    Sewage treatment is a process of cleaning contaminated water to make it useful and the process involves physical and chemical cleaning to remove solid waste and oil and grease from the water. A cle...

  • Reverse Osmosis Plant

    Reverse Osmosis Plant

    Reverse osmosis is a liquid filtration method which removes many types of large atomic molecules from smaller molecules by forcing the liquid at high pressure through a membrane with pores (holes) ...

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